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Although Purple Mountain Cheesecake and Desserts only recently became a commercial venture, Glenn’s love of cooking and baking began many years ago.  When he was ten years old, he proudly brought home to his mother a copy of The Household Searchlight Recipe Book that he had found in a neighbor’s trash.  His mother was delighted with the treasure that her son had brought her and still uses that cookbook today.  Glenn learned to make pies just like his mother did in the family’s restaurant.  He went on to win first and second place in a  local contest, several first place ribbons at the county fair and second place at the state fair.  After perfecting his cinnamon rolls and carrot cake he also perfected his cheesecakes.  Each new dessert became a family favorite but cheesecakes are always expected and enjoyed at family gatherings.  His cheesecakes are always in demand by co-workers and at church functions.

When cheesecakes were requested for several family weddings, Glenn knew he had created something special.  He had not only created a dessert that was eagerly anticipated during the wedding receptions, but he was able to contribute to the bride and groom’s special day.

After much encouragement and nagging from family and friends, you too can enjoy his delectable creations. 

You are probably wondering how we came up with a name like Purple Mountain Cheesecakes when we are here in the Midwest without a mountain in sight.  Even though we love looking out at our beautiful green grass and trees and bountiful farmland when our family travels to the mountains to the east or the west, it is just amazing to take in the scenery.  You can’t help but think “wow!”  That is the reaction that we hear when someone sees our cheesecakes for the first!  They can hardly wait to try a bite!  We try to make our cheesecakes as breathtaking as those majestic mountains. 


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